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BlueBoard saves your team time and helps meet P&L targets.
It collects assortment, price, digital shelf and page content metrics from your e-tail customers so your team can focus on value-added actions.

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Industry leader

Consumer electronics is a top e-commerce category and all top memory, audio and peripherals brands work with us.

Fastest set-up

Our operations team can find your products on our 2500+ supported e-tailers in a matter of days, not months.

Best scraping frequency

We refresh product page information very often. Our standard cycle is 3 hours, and we can reduce it further upon request.

Human + AI

Our product matching uses the right mix of AI and human judgement to guarantee the best possible data accuracy.


"BlueBoard is an amazing tool.
It's easy to use and presents the whole customer-facing team with a market overview."

George Tennet
Sales Director, Pure

Key Benefits

Make Everyone Super-Efficient
You shouldn't be paying people to manually check product pages all day. Leave it to us!

Achieve Profitable Growth
Help sales people identify new business opportunities. Learn from your competition. And beat them.

Develop the Best Go-to-Market
See your e-distribution from a
whole new angle. Make the best data-driven decisions.

Keep Tabs on Key Sales Relationships

Access unlimited historical data so you're not caught off guard. It's never been easier to oversee multiple markets at once!

Leave Your Mark
on the Digital Shelf

Make sure your products are at eye level.
Don't miss even five minutes of shelf space that's rightfully yours.

Provide the Team
With a Real-Time Market View

Get a complete picture of your distribution, including price points, out-of-stocks, reviews, buy box winners, and more.

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