Improve search presence, drive more sales

BlueBoard's search performance software enables effortless search presence monitoring to help brands prioritize their action on the digital shelf.

Search drives sales. Period.

The vast majority of e-commerce purchases now involve one
or more searches, whether that be in web search engines or on-site. Research suggests that 90% of all product views on Amazon result from an on-site product search.

Brands looking to grow online sales need to systematically measure their share of the digital shelf to prioritize their actions. Read this handbook to know where to start.

Handbook: Improve E-Commerce Search Performance →. 2019

Free 30-day trial • No credit card required • Easy setup

↑ Traffic sources to e-commerce sites, Wolfgang Digital 2019

  • See in-depth information about your market, keyword by keyword, e-tailer by e-tailer.
  • Identify low-performing areas to concentrate your focus.
  • Track progress over time and monitor performance against your competition.

Automate digital shelf monitoring

Track how your position evolves day-over-day to see which of your actions yield tangible results.

Proven actions to boost rankings include:

  • Re-writing product titles to include priority keywords.
  • Temporarily discounting products.
  • Encouraging more customers to leave reviews.
  • Improving product page content.

Measure your performance every day. See what works.

Some of the world's top brands use BlueBoard every day


Save 3 hours per week on keyword monitoring


Generate 18% more views on your products


Track 10 times
as many keywords 

Start measuring your performance today

Indicate a list of keywords and retailers that you would like to monitor and we will be in touch with a demo dashboard.


Free 30-day trial • No credit card required • Easy setup
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